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Adena is in the process of fundraising for Deanie's Corner. A show that she wrote, will be producing, and hosting along with other friends. Please consider donating here .

 Baker's Wife 
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2. A mention in Stagelight magazine 

School House Rock!
"They take it from the top. Soprano Adena Walker belts out the tune with excitement. And emotion. Her delivery is the vocal equivalent of an exclamation point."
"During the day, Walker is a substitute teacher in Brookline and Boston. She doesn’t yell at her students, she says. She sings instead. “My main goal in life is to make kids feel special. I just want them to know that someone cares about them. That is what Mr. Rogers says.”

-Patti Hartigan, Boston Globe, on School House Rock!
"While Walker adds some extraordinary vocal flourishes"
"The best part of this production, though, is the performers — both the onstage singer-dancers and the offstage band. Maritza Bostic, Colin Budzyna, Alexander Cox, Sean Crosley, Rachael Le­Blanc, Tom Rash, and Adena Walker shift seamlessly from one song to the next, stepping into the spotlight and then fading back into the ensemble."

Terry Byrne, Boston Globe, on School House Rock!

Spelling Bee
"Adena Walker is an abandoned, yet determined Olive Ostrovsky who desperately wants to be loved."
Becca Kidwell, New England Theatre Geek, on 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Where Moments Hung Before
"Every one of the dozen actors in this play deserves praise and attention"
Larry Stark, Theatre Mirror on Where Moments Hung Before